Islamic Studies/ Arabic/ Quran

* Islamic Studies: 
      ° Students are required to answer the questions of Weekend 9.
* Arabic:
    ° Vocab quiz on the first 9 verses of Surat Annaba.    ° Memorize the first 9 verses of Surat Annaba.     ° Extra credit: What is the purpose of the creation of mountains?
* Quran:
      ° Students are required to write Surat Al Humaza (Arabic) and underline the rules of Tajweed learned in class.
              ~ Alif lam qamarya: black.              ~ Alif lam shamsya: blue.              ~ Clear pronunciation (Idhhar): red,              ~ Suppression (Ikhfa): green.              ~ Assimilation ( Idgham):                      . Without Ghuna: orange.                      . With Ghuna: yellow.
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