Code of Conduct

MACE Islamic School is committed to providing a safe and orderly environment to the students, which is conducive to learning. To meet the expectations of the parents, teachers, and students we have established this code of conduct and discipline.

Parents are expected to bring their children to school on time. DROP OFF BEGINS AT 10:50 AM AND FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS, WE WILL LOCK THE DOORS AT 11:05 AM (CLASSES BEGIN AT 11:00 AM SHARP). PICK UP IS PROMPTLY AFTER Dhuhr prayer AT 2:00 PM. Students who arrive after the doors have been locked will need to call the administration to be admitted inside and will be marked tardy. Parents are expected to review and discuss the code of conduct and discipline with their children.

Babysitting or child supervision is not available after school hours. It is the responsibility of the parents to make proper transportation arrangements to transport their children to and from school.

Students and teachers are in the school for one basic purpose: To promote the Islamic and educational development of students. To accomplish this goal, each student is expected to adhere to the following rules and meet the following disciplinary objectives:

Classroom Code of Conduct:

  • Students are expected to come to class on time. The school expects the cooperation of the parents. In case of an absence, the parent/student is expected to contact the teacher to find out all the missed assignments and for arranging possible make-ups. Weekly homework assignments will also be available on
  •  Students should come to class prepared each week with school supplies, books, and completed assignments. ➢ Students should behave in a respectful manner towards teachers/staff and other students. They should ask and wait for permission before speaking. Students should pay attention to the teacher and not sleep in the class.
  • No running, shouting, or noise will be tolerated in the building.
  • Make no disruptive noise or gestures or use profane and abusive language. No fighting.
  • Treat others and the property of others and MACE property with respect.
  • Students should clean up after themselves and leave the area as or cleaner than they found it.
  • Students should not leave their seats or the classroom without permission from the teacher.
  • Students are not allowed to be outside of the building by themselves. They will need direct supervision of either their teachers or parents/guardians.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the classroom early unless he/she has permission from the parent and school administration.
  • Use of electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, iPads, gaming systems, etc.) is strictly prohibited during class. Electronic devices should be put away before the start of class or will be confiscated by the teacher and will only be able to be retrieved by the parent.
  • Parents are not allowed in the lobby area or classrooms during school hours. This is to ensure the safety of our students as well as keep them focused.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

  • For the safety of our students, we are instituting a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fighting. In the event of a fight, the following actions will occur.
  •  The teacher will remove students from class and notify the administration. Updated August 2018
  • The administration will notify parents of the students involved.
  • Administration will investigate and suspend the student(s) if appropriate and the duration of the suspension will depend on the offense.

Dress Code:

In an effort to uphold a proper Islamic dress code, we ask that all students, male or female, wear modest, loose-fitting attire.

  • Boys shorts, if worn, should be below the knee. Clothing with pictures of animate objects or inappropriate slogans should be avoided.
  • Girls are expected to cover their heads at all times during class and in the building. Short sleeve shirts and shorts should be avoided.

Homework/Grading Policy:

  • Any unexcused absence will result in a zero on the missed work.
  • Students who have 7 or more weeks of an unexcused absence (except medical or family emergency) during the school year will not be eligible for a trophy at the end of the year.
  • Students who missed their final exam without prior arrangements to make up the exam will not be eligible for a trophy.
  • Students who enroll 7 or more weeks late will not be eligible for a trophy at the end of the year.. Disciplinary Actions: Students are expected to complete their homework on time.

Consequences will be the following:

  • 1 st time: Verbal warning will be given to the student.
  • 2 nd time: Homework will have to be completed during break time and/or after school.
  • 3 rd time: Parents will be notified. Students who break any of the behavior rules listed above will be removed from class and will have a call made to their parents.

Contact Info:

If you have any problems or issues, please feel free to contact us at Additionally, you may contact the following individuals

Principal: Rukiye Qutubuddin 216 798-1423

Administration/Staff: Masroor Malik 440-725-0957