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Level 3 year 1

Study guide for the midterm

Homework: February 16,2020 Islamic studies: Study for the midterm, * the study guide and the answer key is posted on the website. Print it and study well. All the best to you all. Arabic: Practice the vocabulary words meaning of

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Islamic Studies: Weekend 15 homework questions *Now is a good chance to catch up with any missed homework and use that as a review for the midterm. Second semester Midterm Exam on 2/23/2020( Islamic studies only) Arabic Studies: Review Surah

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Homework 2/2/2020

Islamic Studies: * Read lesson 10 and do workbook questions for that lesson * Do weekend 14 questions Arabic: write vocabulary words and meanings of ayah 7-8 in Your notebook Arabic Reading: Group 1: Lesson 11(page 19-20) Group 2: lesson

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lesson 16


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Homework Due on 1/26/2020

January 19,2020 Homework Islamic Studies: * Read weekend 12, and be ready to share 1 thing you learned from the lesson in the next class.(InshaAllah) * Answer weekend 12 homework questions * Complete workbook questions for lesson 30 (pages 101-102)

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Final Exams Study guides

Islamic Final Exam will be on Sunday 12/8/19 Arabic and Quran Exam are on Sunday 12/15/19 Islamic-Studies_-Level-3-y-1_-first-semester-final-exam-study-guide.pdf

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