year 2

Assalamu Alikum,
I’m honored to teach your kids this year.
Kindly please check your kid bookpack weekly for HW updates, provide a folder so your kid can collect and organize his/her papers in and kindly encourage your kid to come well prepared to the class with great intention that he is pleasing Allah and he will be a good Muslim and a role model for others.
I gave them a tentative syllabus for first semester for Islamic studies,Arabic and Quran , I am placing a copy of it in the website.
There is a project about Hadith ,
Each student has been assigned to a specific Hadith, it’s due by the beginning of second semester.
Also there is an optional competition for memorizing 99 Names of Allah, due by the beginning of second semester too.
Kindly check also this website weekly for any updates if there is any change from syllabus.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, inquiries, suggestions or comments

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