[Level3-1] Midterm Study guides

Arabic Midterm Study guide

Write the meaning of the vocabulary from Surah Al-Fajr

1. وَٱلْفَجْرِ -wal-fajri:__________________________________________

2. وَلَيَالٍ-layalina:__________________________________________

3. عَشْرٍ-ashrin______________________________________________

4. وَٱلشَّفْعِ-wal-shafi:__________________________________________

5. وَٱلْوَتْرِ- wal-watri:__________________________________________

6. وَٱلَّيْلِ-wa-allayli:___________________________________________

7. إِذَا – idha:________________________________________________

8. يَسْرِ-yasri:________________________________________________

9. هَلْ-hal:__________________________________________________

10. فِى-fi:____________________________________________________

11. ذَٰلِك-dhalika:_______________________________________________

12. قَسَمٌ-qasamun-___________________________

13. لِّذِي-lithee-______________________________

14. حِجْرٍ-hijr-_______________________________

15. أَلَمْ-Alam-_______________________________

16. تَرَ-târa-________________________________


Islamic Studies: study guide for the first semester midterm exam (10/20/19) The exam is based on weekend learning series book (weekend 1-4) and Our Faith and Worship book(lessons 1-3)

* What are the five pillars of Islam?

* What is the meaning of Tawhid?

* What is the meaning of Shirk?

* What is the meaning of the word nafiq?

* a) The message of Islam is complete and perfect. T or F

b) Islam provides quidance toward the right path. T or F

c) Allah is our ultimate lawmaker. T or F

D) It is acceptable to partially worship Allah(Subhana-hu wa-Ta’ala). T or F

* What would happen to the world if everyone followed the rules of the Creator?

* How many suwar(plural of surah) were revealed in Makkah?

* In which year was the famous farewell Khutba was delivered?

* Check the box⎷ if the sentence is correct. Mark the box ✘ if the sentence is incorrect.

* All messengers were truthful people. ❑

* Messengers forced their people to accept the truth.❏

* A few messengers told their people to worship them after they died.❏

* As Muslims, we believe in all messengers and make no difference among the messengers.❏

10) The word Islam comes from two Arabic words, which are: _________,__________.

11) connect the following words and their meanings with a line.

Kafir The Books of Allah

Qadr The complete Faith

Scriptures Non-believer

Nur Light

Iman Mufassal The Power

12) Sequence the Iman Mufassal in the order it was mentioned in Iman Muffassal.

__ Allah(Subhana-hu wa-Ta’ala)

__ His Rusul

__ The Day of Judgment

__ The Qadar

__ His Angles

__ The Life After Death

__ His Books

13) Match the words with its definition.

Angel,Guidance, Iman

* Allah’s servants who are made of Nur._______________

* Our faith in Islam._______________

* The Quran and the teachings of Muhammad(s) are for our._______________

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