[level 3-1] Homework January 26

Islamic Studies: Read weekend 13 and Answer homework questions. Do lesson 7 workbook questions on pages 28-29
*(If you have not done yet weekend 10,11, and 12 homework,and the workbook for lessons 28,29,and 30 you have until February 9 to get it done to receive points for that)

Arabic Studies: Practice reading Surah Al-A’la ayahs 1-6 from the Quran in Arabic text( we will have reading quiz on ayah 1-3 )
NO New vocabulary this week.

* Review these words and meaning from Surah Al-A’la for next week’s quiz.know how to read each word.


اسۡمَ-The name

رَبِّكَ-Your Rabb

الۡاَعۡلَىۙ-The most High

الَّذِىۡ -Who





سَنُقۡرِئُكَ-We shall make you recite

Noorani Qa’idah
Mya, Adam, Mikail, Mohamed: Practice lesson 6
Ibada and Sarah: Practice lesson 11 first page

Quran: Memorize Surah Al-A’la Ayah 1-6.

pdf icon Noorani-Qaidah-lesson6.pdf
pdf icon Noorani-Qaidah-lesson11.pdf

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