Islamic Studies/ Arabic/Quran

🌹 Islamic Studies:
      ✔️Students are required to answer the questions of weekend 9.       ✔️ Students are required to share with the class a fact about the life of Rasulullah (pbuh). 
🌹 Arabic:
     ✔️Students are required to memorize the first 12 verses of Surat Annaziat. 
🌹 Quran:
       ✔️ Osama: 6 verses of Mujadalah.        ✔️ Farida:  Surat AL Layl.         ✔️ Maryam: 3 verses of AL Alaq.         ✔️ Zaid: 5 verses of AL Bayinah.         ✔️Fasiha: 10 verses of Surat AL Alaq.         ✔️ Zoya: 15 verses of Surat AL Alaq.         ✔️ Cehan: 5 verses Surat AL Bayinah.          ✔️ Salah: Redo Surat Atteen.          ✔️ Khairat: 10 verses Surat AL Alaq. 
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