Homework Due on 1/26/2020

January 19,2020


Islamic Studies:

* Read weekend 12, and be ready to share 1 thing you learned from the lesson in the next class.(InshaAllah)

* Answer weekend 12 homework questions

* Complete workbook questions for lesson 30 (pages 101-102)

* Read Akhlaaq Comes Alive : Generosity p.16-17

Arabic Reading:

*Test on Reading Surah Al A’la vocabulary words from Ayat 1-3(next week:1/26)

*Review the meanings of the words from Ayat 1-6(we will have a test on the meanings 2/2/20)

*Practice reading lesson 15 circle any words you had difficulty saying. review lesson16 on Huroof Maddah(long vowel letters ا،و،ي)

Arabic Writing:

*If you have not done writing words from Surah Al-A’la Ayahs 1-4 in your notebook( please do so) *Write words and meaning of Ayahs 5-6 of Surah Al-A’la.

Practice writing and reading the Arabic words that starts with the letter Alif(ا)

Quran: Memorize Surah Al’Ala Ayah 1-8( do your best and memorize as much Ayahs as you can)

Review reading Surah Al-fajr 1-30( so you don’t forget what you learned)


Thank You

Jazzakom Allahu Khair

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