I have attached the syllabus of the second semester of level 2 year 2
Please assure your Child(ren) to do the homework every week even if they were absent as I don’t want them to miss any thing and feel confused when they come back the week after.
Please pay attention that there’s reading homework in Arabic (Your kids are growing up now and they can read 👍🤓). I have assigned them to create their own reading log for reading the assigned surah of each week for 10 minutes everyday (minimum 60 minutes in the week ). This can be done as a chart on a piece of paper with the date, the number of minutes, and a parent’s signature to confirm that they have read that amount. This will help them in reading fluently. I would also like for them to come in each week having written down whatever Ayahs that they are currently memorizing in their notebooks in Arabic. This will help to increase their writing skills as well as help them memorize the Ayahs.
Please let your kids memorize the Ayahs while they are listening and repeating after the shaikh so they can memorize with the right pronunciation.
I apologize for the long post but I would really appreciate your efforts and motivation in this very significant transition in your kid’s learning as they are starting to improve their skills of reading and writing.

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