: Islamic Studies/Arabic/Quran


* Islamic studies:
     ° You will continue lesson 10 with the sub.     ° Final Exam on December 10th. Lessons 1 to 9 except 5 are to be reviewed as well as chapter 1 of the book ” The angels”.
* Arabic:             ° You will finish reading Surat Al Waqiaa.      ° Final Exam on December 17th. Try to practice at home.
* Quran:
      ° You will review the four Surats learned with the sub (vocab and meaning of the verses).     ° Final Exam on December 17th. You will be tested on the vocab and meaning of the verses of the gour Surats ( Annas, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, and Al Massad). For Tajweed revise the questions  agreed on of chapter 1 & 2. 
*****I know that you are nice and well mannered kids therefore I am sure you will behave with the sub teacher.
Have a nice break and enjoy it, I will see you next year in shaa Allah. I will miss you.

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