: Islamic Studies/Arabic/Quran

Homework Assignments:
* Islamic Studies:
     ° Students are required to answer weekend 9 (dating) questions.
* Arabic:
     ° Students are required to write Surat Al Massad.
* Quran:
     ° Vocab quiz on Surat Al Massad.
This coming Sunday will be the last class with me. You will have a sub. Your exams will be done by me. 
Final Exam Semester I Study Guide
* Islamic Studies::
    ° You will bectested on what you have learned in class from lesson 1 to 10 except lesson 5.    ° You will be tested on chapter 1 of the book ” The angels”.
* Arabic:
     ° You will be tested on your reading: stopping, shadda, alalif wa allam shamssiya and qamarya, and articulation.
* Quran:
      ° Vocab and meaning of verses of the four Surat: Annas, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, and Al massad.       ° Tajweed.

Have a nice week.

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