Islamic Studies second semester Midterm Exam on 2/24/19, Arabic and Quran will be on 3/3/19

Islamic studies second semester midterm exam on 2/24/2019

Chapters 13-20

Study guide

1- Circle T if the sentence is true. Circle F is the sentence is false.

Abu Bakr(R) had lots of wealth,which he used to help the Muslims. T F

Abu Bakr(R) ordered the compilation of the Quran. T F

Abu Bakr’s(R) daughter who married Nabi Muhammad(S) was Aishah(ra) T F

Abu Bakr(R) was the first Amir-ul-Hajj. T F

Abu Bakr(R) was the first khulafa-e Rashidun. T F

2-Circle T if the sentence is true. Circle F is the sentence is false.

In the early life, Umar(R) was a polytheist. T F

Umar(R) daughter was Hafsa (ra) T F

Umar(R) defeated the mighty Romans and the mighty Persians. T F

3-Name Umar(R) three major achievements as the Khalifah.


4-By what name Umar-al- khattab(R) was popularly known in Arabia?


5-What were the two main complaints people made about Uthman’s(R) rule.



6-Circle T if the sentence is true. Circle F is the sentence is false.

Uthman (R) was younger than Nabi Muhammad(S) T F

At one time, Uthman (R) was held as a hostage by the Quraish. T F

Uthman(R) was the first Khalifah to be assassinated. T F

Uthman(R) belonged to the Umayyad clan. T F

7-Why was Uthman(R) called Dhu-al- Nurayn?


8-Name the two sons of Ali(R) with whom Rasulillah(S) used to play.


9-Circle T if the sentence is true. Circle F is the sentence is false.

Ali(R) ruled as a Khalifah for almost five years. T F

Abu Talib was a cousin of Ali(R) T F

Ali(R) was given these two titles Asadullah(Lion of Allah) and Babul Ilam( the door of knowledge)because of his courage and his love for education and Knowledge. T F

10-In which region did the people of Ad live?

11-Hud’s ( A) people were destroyed by a natural disaster. What disaster destroyed them?

12-The Thamud people had many similarities with the Ad people. What were some of their similarities?

13-How did the Thamud people kill the female camel that was provided as a sign to them?

14-when infant Musa(A) was crying, who helped the queen find a woman to feed him?

15-When Musa(A) was a young man, he accidentally killed a person. Who was the person?

16-What were the two signs Allah(swt) gave to Musa(A) before he returned to Egypt?


17-Which country did Sulaiman (A) want to occupy unless its ruler accepted Islam?

18-after receiving a letter from Sulaiman(A), What did the queen do?

19-What happened to Sulaiman(A) kingdom after his death?

20-Name Sulaiman’s (A) three famous ancestors, who were also messengers of Allah(swt)




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