Exams Review questions

Islamic studies: Exam review questions( chapters 6-10)
exam will be on 12/10/17 for Islamic Studies
1-In the Year of Elephant, an important person was born in Arabia. What was his name?
2-What was the name of the king who brought the elephants to destroy the Ka‘bah?
3-What is the name of the Surah that mentions the incident of the Elephants?
4-In the Year of the Elephant, the creatures that destroyed the troops were:
5-When Muhammad (S) was little baby, a nurse mother took care of him. Write the name of this nurse mother:
6-How old was Muhammad (S) when his mother passed away?

7-What relationship did Abu Talib have with the Prophet (S)

8-How old was Muhammad (S) when he married Khadijah (R)?

9-How old was Khadijah (R) when she married Muhammad (S)?

10-The first five revealed verses are included in Surah:

11-When Muhammad (S) received the first words of the Qur’an, he was:
12-Who was Waraqah ibn Naufal to Khadijah (R)?
13-Circle T if the statement is true, Circle F is the statement is false:
Early Muslims moved to Abyssinia because they were tortured in Makkah.
Abu Lahab took great care of the Prophet (S).
The people of Taif welcomed Muhammad (S) with two pledges.
14-The people who made the pledges of al-Aqaba came from:
15-In which year prophet Muhammad (S) was born?
16-In the very first revelation, what was first command to Muhammad (S)?
17-In which year Muhammad (S) first received the divine revelation?
18-After Abū Tālib died who became the new leader of the Quraish?
19-What was the name of the adopted son of Muhammad (S)?
20-Write the name of Prophet (S)’s grandfather.
Arabic Studies and Quranic studies exams will be on 12/17/17
Arabic exam will be on the Arabic words from the words review paper
Quran exam will be Surah Ash-shams ayat 1-15

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