As-Aslamu aliaykum Dear Parents and Students

Homework Assignment

Islamic Studies: Midterm Exam on October 29,2017

What to study for the Exam?

study weekend 1-5,and weekend 28

Study all homework weekend questions

practice all four du’as we learned:

1)Du’a before sleeping

2)Du’a after waking up

3)Du’a of prophet ibrahim(A) and Isma’il(A) from weekend 1(page 10)

4)Du’a prayed by Musa(A) from weekend 2 (page 14)

Arabic Studies: Midterm Exam on November 5,2017

Practice qaidah noorani lessons 1,2,4,5,and 6 (use youtube to help you say each lesson right )

practices all the Arabic words we learned( inshallah I bring a practice paper with all the words to class on 10/29)

Quranic Studies: Midterm Exam on November 5,2017

Quran exam will be on Surah Al-ail ayah 1-15( memorized from the top on you head with some basic tajweed rules)

*surah Al- lail ayah 1-15 must be memorized on by 10/29*

Insha Allah We will review some basic tajweed rules on the surah on 10/29

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